Untitled, only numbers

Self-portraits. I cut, colour, blur and destroy the digital image in various ways as if I would like to understand myself. I am not looking for words, but a secret. I realised it when my left hand in the negative reminded me of the first x-ray image. Mrs. Röntgen’s hand with wedding ring was certainly the most convenient choice for a first ever look inside the body, but with a little intrigue one might think that behind it lay his desire to look inside his wife. She later said she saw her death in that image. So where is the secret? Definitely here, but we need to look for it on the surface, in the mask, looks, colour shades, shapes of lips, cheeks, hands, feet and body, skin that looks soft, rough or warm, shiny eyes and just about all hair. Because under the mask – do we need any more proof? – there is nothing; just broth, meat and a bunch of bones.