For the group exhibition Decay&Readymade Dejan and I decided to stick to the methodology developed for Home… project (1999-2000). Although we are impressed by the abandoned industrial architecture, our interest is focused on people from these places and their living conditions. Home means the meeting point of possibility and reality. It is the third skin through which we can read both, the individual and the society also.

We found three families from three different towns (Jesenice/Slovenia, Feistritz im Rosental/Austria, Cave del Predil/Italy) and took pictures of exteriors and interiors (kitchens) of their houses. Afterwards we exhibited the images of interiors on large billboards, placed in the surroundings of decaying industrial architecture of same three places. The industrial and economical decline in last 10 years is common to this three towns.

Decay & Readymade
Feistritz im Rosental (Austria), Jesenice (Slovenia), Cave del Predil (Italy)
22 September – 31 October 2002

Curator: Inge Vavra

Territories, Identities, Nets: Slovene Art 1995 – 2005
The Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
9 August – 9 October 2005
Curator: Igor Zabel, Igor Španjol

The Kitchen
Koroška Fine Arts Gallery, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

9 June – 15 October 2004
Curator: Sašo Vrabič