Avtokino Barje

Time: 4. 10. 2004, 19:00 – 20:30
Place: The Barje-jug motroway stop on the Ljubljana ring road

With the temporary occupation of the Barje-jug motorway stop on the Ljubljana ring road, and by organising the “avtokino”, we (with Dejan Habicht) wanted to draw attention to the shifting position of such constructions and related spaces in the city. Motorway stops do not play the role of public spaces, despite the fact that formally they are public areas available to all, where we actually spend more time than we think. 

We invited our artist friends whose work deals with mobility and the perception of the city. We watched six videos, and Igor and Brane performed a live Internet broadcasting. We drank non-alcoholic drinks and ate salted sticks, pretzels and biscuits. When we got cold, we went home.

– Igor Stromajer in Brane Zorman, Ballettikka Internettikka: Autto Mobillikka, 2004, live internet broadcasting
– Franc Purg, Fuck off idiot, 2000, 3 – 17 min. (variable)
– Irena Pivka in Brane Zorman, Cona C, 2003, 12 min.
– Rene Rusjan, Tokyo Station Ballet, 2004, 1 min. and Trains & interspaces, Sec/ Tokyo Kyoto, 2004, 14 min.
– Tadej Pogacar, Golden Shoes of Times Square, 2002, 3 min.
– Gorazd Krnc, 14°31’E 46°02’N, 2000, 9 min. 44 sec.
– Damijan Kracina in Sasa Nabergoj, Move, 2004, 1min. (loop)

P74 Gallery Ljubljana
3 – 20 February 2005