Govedji gulas

I made a handbag out of a Yugoslav junk food “Govedji Gulas” tins. In the summer of 1997, Dejan Habicht and I went travelling to museums and galleries in Berlin, Kassel, Munster, Amsterdam and Venice. We exhibited the documentary material from our travels by sticking the photographs on the wall, and displaying the bag in a glass case.


Berlin, 1997


This art is recycled (with Dejan Habicht)
Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
9 – 29 October 1997


Around the World of Art in 4.380 days (with Dejan Habicht)
Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana
30 October – 20 November 2009
Curator: Saša Nabergoj


In 2017, Dejan Habicht and I repeated the trip and also documented our visits to art events in Kassel, Munster and Venice.

Kassel, 2017