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                                                        Nowhere (Nikjer), neon sign and twelve photographs, 2004/2010

“Nowhere, really,” we respond if asked where we’ve been, when in fact we’ve stayed at home. Home has such a special place in our minds that we do not compare it to other places. Home cannot be fascinating, stunning, or exotic. We don’t speak about home as a place to like or dislike. Home is family relations. Home is the refuge we seek. And above all, home is a place where we can also not be.

For a number of years now I have been taking photographs of the vapor trails airplanes leave behind in the sky. I like their linear compositions, their short duration, the contrast between them and the fluffy shapes and various hues of clouds. Observing cloud shapes is for me a time when I realize that the world is a beautiful place and we are but tiny particles, soon to be blown to the four winds, like the clouds.

I have been taking photographs of these lines since 2004. At first I was surprised how rarely the sky above us is without any. Straight lines in the sky speak of human dominance. They also indicate that I do not live at an end point. Ljubljana is a flyover town. I was also reminded of the time of war in Bosnia and the shelling of Belgrade. I remember hearing the bomber planes at night. We could hear them all through the night, they were loud, we knew they were there, we knew they carried death, and we knew we were not the target.

27.1. - 28.2.2010, 'Sweet Nowhere', City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Curated by Alenka Gregoric.



Self-Published, Ljubljana, 2010
Softcover; signed, open edition; 21x 15 cm, 12 p.


15 x 23 cm, 66 pages, softcover,  2004/2012