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Short Cuts, 2012
Print-on-demend photobook serie

I chose this name Short Cuts for the book serie because artist’s books are often short stories and because I want the name of the project to focus on the 'cuts' rather than on the story. Short Cuts is also the title of the book of short stories by the American writer Richard Carven as well as the title of Robert Altman’s film. The film, which is based on the book, is Altman's 'translation' of the literary material into film language. It is interesting because the director compiled the stories together with the actors, and because the stories follow the manner characteristic of the stories written by Carven. I am interested in passing on the story in this manner, i.e. in the ways of translating it into a visual narration.

And Not a Drop of Milk

15 x 23 cm, 40 pages, softcover,  book preview
19 €

Ed Ruscha published a book entitled Various Small Fires and Milk. The cover reveals merely the first part of the title: Various Small Fires. The full title can be read on the inside. And Not a Drop of Milk is a book about something that does not exist. Not because we cannot see it, but because it truly does not exist. It could be hunger.

Link on video documentation of performance And Not a Drop of Milk at the Whitechapel Gallery, London on 22 September 2012 HERE.


15 x 23 cm, 66 pages, softcover,  book preview
23 €

I have been taking photographs of these lines since 2004. At first I was surprised how rarely the sky above us is without any. Straight lines in the sky speak of human dominance. They also indicate that I do not live at an end point. Ljubljana is a flyover town. I was also reminded of the time of war in Bosnia and the shelling of Belgrade. I remember hearing the bomber planes at night. We could hear them all through the night, they were loud, we knew they were there, we knew they carried death, and we knew we were not the target.

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Hotel Kumrovec

15 x 23 cm, 80 pages, softcover,  book preview
23 €

The receptionist at the Hotel Kumrovec is worried about the plants that are engulfing the building. No guest has stayed in this hotel for years. The modernist architecture of the complex looks as though it had dropped here from some other place. The only reason for this building being here, far away from any major roads or intersections or even towns, is that the village of Kumrovec is the birth place of Tito, the erstwhile President of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

More about Hotel Kumrovec.
Link on video Hotel Kumrovec.

Wherever I am not

15 x 23 cm, 80 pages, softcover,  book preview

23 €

Every day, from July 16th to August 12th 2000, a new image from another live web-cam helped me outline a journey around Evrope. Writing greetings from places I haven't visited allowed me to walk on the border of two worlds. At the end, I sent a letter with an explanation of my virtual travels.

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Orange Cloud and Palm Trees

15 x 23 cm, 40 pages, softcover,  book preview
19 €

I took an image of a nuclear explosion and cut out the section with the fire and the smoke. This I then chopped up into little squares and composed the orange cloud through the book like a very simple jigsaw puzzle. Unlike the fire, the palm trees are always occupy the entire page. They have also been cut out of the same image. They are only details, but we can see that soon very little will remain of them. I wanted the book to be viewed like one would watch a film.

Directed: The Intersection of Book, Film and Visual Narrative

17 May - 4 August 2013
Curator: Jeff Rathermel

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Minneapolis, MN


The Intersection of Book, Film and Visual Narrative
Curator: Jeff Rathermel

Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, USA
September 20–November 10, 2013